Recruitment Services

Our goal is to help recruitment agencies agencies start, grow and succeed. Whether you’re thinking of setting up or are already an established business, we can help you thrive by providing ongoing service and support in accelerating your recruitment. Working with temp and contractor agencies, we offer back office support that gives you back your time. Developing & growing a business can be hard, but our team of experts are on hand to manage all the administration and financial headaches – leaving you to concentrate on actual recruitment. From sourcing to campaigns, automations to LinkedIn, sourcing to job advertisements, the services we deliver are managed by a team of dedicated experts who will quickly familiarise themselves with you and your agency. In fact, we take great pride in our customer service and maintain excellent relationships with all of our clients. We offer a personal touch, we’re not just a back office supplier, we’re a back office partner.

Recruitment Resourcing


Sourcing resumes of active candidates from job-board is also one of the stressful task. Our recruitment sourcers with great understanding of boolean search strings screen, filter and pull only qualified resumes from LinkedIn, LInkedin Sales Navigator, LinkedIn Recruiter & job portals. We have complete understanding of world leading job boards including Indeed, Monster, Dice, Carrierbuilder and Reed.

Recruitment Research


Searching passive candidate over different professional networks demands time and resources. Keeping this problem in mind we put trained recruitment researcher in action. Recruitment researcher with complete understanding of boolean search strings and world leading professional networks, search for related candidates, build a list of passive candidates with latest information and working email address.  


Increase saving by reducing labour costs.

Flexible and reasonable hourly and monthly rates. 

No need for an actual office for VA’s to work on.

Skip employee benefits and training expenses. 

Business control is still on you; you call the shot.


The Staffing Lab builds your remote team of virtual assistants specializing in recruiting, process automation, social media & web development. 

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