US-based, college-educated virtual assistants

We exclusively hire virtual assistants with a bachelor’s degree who live in the United States. Our hiring procedure is rigorous. Today, the majority of our recruits are referred to us by our long-serving helpers.

Skills that match your needs

Virtual Assistants have undergone extensive training in their areas of specialty. They’ve already worked for a number of clients remotely and can assist you in streamlining your outsourcing procedure. We pair you with the Virtual Assistant whose prior experience will have the most impact on your workload.

One dedicated Virtual Assistant supported by specialists

Being a jack of all crafts isn’t a good thing. While all of our Virtual Assistants are capable of handling general administrative work, they all have unique professional backgrounds, interests, and skills. We will choose the finest option for you. If your Virtual Assistant is unable to do a task at any moment, they will seek assistance from a professional or have the assignment completed by the specialist (at no cost to you).

Built-in security and trust

We run background checks on all of our Virtual Assistants, and we're experts at using smart technology like Lastpass to securely share passwords.

Contract-free long-term solution

Our Virtual Assistants stick with us for years. We expertly manage their workload so you enjoy consistent quality, availability, and responsiveness.

One transparent monthly fee

Everything is included in your monthly cost. There are no additional benefits or payroll taxes to consider.

Every working day, we provide quick responses.

If the assignment is large, your Virtual Assistant will answer within 2 hours with the task done or with an anticipated delivery time.



The Staffing Lab builds your remote team of virtual assistants specializing in recruiting, process automation, social media & web development. 

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