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What Can You Outsource to a Virtual Assistant?

We will handle all of your time-consuming tasks and correspondence with important people.

Administrative Work

Outsource administrative tasks to your virtual assistant to ensure that the rest of your staff has adequate support, so they can focus on business-growing activities.

Lead Generation

Rely on your virtual assistant to support your lead generation efforts. Delegate repetitive tasks such as researching prospects, database management, email marketing, and more to an experienced virtual assistant.

Calendar Management

Never miss an important meeting again. Your virtual assistant will manage your time, set up reminders, make sure you are never double booked, and create gaps in your calendar when necessary.

Personal Assistance

Let your VA take care of tasks like research, travel booking, sending gifts or anything else that you’ve been putting off.

Graphic Design

virtual assistants specializing in graphic design can carry out tasks such as developing concepts, illustrations, and creating visuals for websites or ads at a scale. No need to hire another employee.

Social Media Management

Let your virtual assistant grow and manage your social media accounts, and run your ad campaigns, while you focus on core business activities.

Impact On Your Business

Time for bigger
plans, strategies,
and impact

Positive snowball effect of optimized processes

Support for new demands as they arise

Getting nowhere doing it all

Even with the best processes in place, you and your team will struggle if you don’t have the right people to assist you. Going it alone has negative consequences and symptoms:

• Slower business growth

 • More stress and anxiety

• Too much time spread out

 • Priorities not prioritised

Optimize your workforce

You can obtain support with even the things you think are too near to let go of. Hire a personal assistant to assist you with the repetitious tasks that are preventing you from making the most impact in your career or business.

While it may not appear that you are employing yourself to perform administrative responsibilities, you are.

You don’t have to hire yourself to do everything, and you don’t have to stifle your team’s creativity.

Let’s get you the help you need

With a Staffing lab on your side, you’ve got more time in your day to do what really moves the needle. Talk to more clients. Implement new strategies. Impress your boss. With your Staffing lab doing important tasks and little extras, you get to do you.

• Move faster in your business or role
• Less stress and anxiety
• Allocate time where it matters
• Match your day to your priorities

What Our Clients Say About Us

“My assistant Zaneta organizes my demanding schedule to ensure a stress-free day and allows me to be the creative person I need to be to get to the next point of my career. She always handles tasks and emails in a professionally and quickly.”
Jan Masters
“I really appreciate my assistant and how truly fantastic she is. Working with her is easy, seamless, effective, productive....and fun! I absolutely love her. She's invaluable and I honestly feel lucky every day to have found her.”.
Jane Wilcox
“Without my assistant’s hard work, we would not have been able to grow the way we did and support children with Autism.”
Dan Ellis

Go From...

Too busy to make smart moves

You’re not able to spend time where you should 

Alocating time with purpose

You’re devoting yourself to your business goals

Not enough hands on deck

You’re not able to spend time where you should 

An optimized team

You’re devoting yourself to your business goals 

Start with the basics, then move onto endless opportunities

Most of our customers start with smaller tasks and gradually shifts their major workload on our assistants sparing time for real business. They get things off their plate like sourcing, marketing tasks and research of any sort.

Put more time into what you do best
Meet the Staffing lab who will support you


The Staffing Lab builds your remote team of virtual assistants specializing in recruiting, process automation, social media & web development. 

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